12.8. Gas-filled rack (Sedan models)

Gas-filled rack of a cowl, replacement

Arrangement of elements

1) lift and fix a cowl
2) remove a clamp 1
3) remove a pin 2, a safety cap 3 and the combined bolt 4
4) moment of rotation of 8 N. of m.
5) before a detachment remove gas from a rack

Gas-filled rack of a trunk lid, replacement

Arrangement of elements

1) remove a pin from the limiter 1 on both hinges
2) remove the limiter

If not to pick up the limiter, the gas-filled phone can be picked up from a spherical support, however it will be impossible to establish it back.

3) establish a trunk lid on a prop
4) remove the fixing clip 2
5) squeeze out a gas-filled rack from a spherical support
6) before disconnecting a rack, remove from it gas