12:27. Adjustment of a butt slip (Coupet's model)

1) arrange the forward holder (from a forward rack of a body) parallel to a guide
2) adjust a gap between the holder and a guide to 2.0 mm and push the holder up
3) the second spring on a rope (arrow) has to be completely compressed
4) maximum free wheeling of 4.0 mm
5) tighten bolts
6) completely lift glass
7) the first line of glass 3 has to adjoin to the internal condensing flange 2 butt slips 1; if is not present: push glass forward on 1.0 mm and anew adjust the holder


The butt slip has to be replaced if glass still does not adjoin to the condensing flange 2.

8) completely lift door glass
9) the upper edge of glass and a finishing covering have to create one line; the outer side of glass should not be curved; rubber has to have equal contact with glass (arrow)


Oblong openings define limits of adjustment of a butt slip.

10) check and adjust