12:12. Adjustment of a window and the bearing door element

The bearing element of the making door elements


1) remove the decorative panel of a forward door
2) remove a rope from the internal mechanism of opening of a door

Installation and adjustment

Carry out installation upside-down, in view of the following:

1) check adjustment of an upholstery of a door
2) adjust a support of the bearing door element
3) tighten bolts with a six-sided head (arrow) of 20 N. of m.
4) section A-and

adjust the window limiter on the window elevator

reduce together area B and an internal sealant of a window

5) during glass adjustment the door has to be closed

adjust the top limiter of the regulator of a window so that the edge of internal sealing laying in the area B adjoined to the upper edge of a window

and = 0.5 mm


If previously to load a sealant so that it contracted at least on 0.5 mm, it will allow to avoid course.