8. Transmission

Coupling pedal device
1. Plug
check regarding wear, if necessary replace
get by means of a drift, establish by means of a vice
2. Returnable spring
3. Pedal arm
4. Returnable spring
remove / establish by the tool 3117
5. Clip
6. Clip
7. Coupling pedal
8. 20 N. of m.
9. Fork
10. Pin
11. Main cylinder of coupling
12. Hydraulic hose
13. Brake pedal
adjust pedal height before adjustment of a fork of the main cylinder of coupling
14. Clip

Grease all bearings and the rubbing surfaces with MoS2 lubricant.


If the pedal of coupling does not come back to a starting position properly even if the fork is adjusted correctly, can be the cause of it:

– air in a hydraulic system;
– jamming of a returnable spring or plug of a pedal.

The additional carpet should not interfere with the course of a brake pedal.