12:26. Door glass (Coupet's model)


1) completely lift a windowpane
2) note the provision of glass in relation to a frame and the holder, as shown in the drawing (insert)

1 – central rack of a body, top

2 – the central rack of a body, situation on the holder

3 – a forward rack of a body, situation on the holder

3) half lower a window
4) weaken bolts on the holder
5) remove aluminum clamping slips with sealants
6) remove glass



On cars with identification number to 8BKA 008300 the black plastic substrate has to be replaced with a white plastic substrate.

1) place a plastic substrate in a standard position
2) place glass in a standard position and combine it with marks in a frame and the holder; if original glass is lost or broken, at first place glass between carving openings
3) carefully insert glass in the holder, forward and back
4) establish a plastic substrate
5) establish aluminum clamping slips
6) manually screw up bolts
7) arrange the back holder (from the central rack of a body) parallel to a guide
8) by means of a wrench pull (shooter) down until the spring on a rope contracts completely
9) completely tighten bolts