12:19. The bearing door element

The bearing door element, the sizes

in the drawing the cross section of the left door is shown

the sealing edge 7 has to have contact on all contour of a rack and a decorative overlay of a roof 3

with = 3.5 + 1 mm

d = 8.1 + 1 mm

1 – sealing flange
2 – door frame
3 – decorative overlay of a door
4 – window
5 – window sealing laying
6 – internal door sealing laying
7 – sealing edge
8 – a sealing edge at a window



The first windows and a covering of a door have to be adjusted.

Two experts will be necessary for implementation of this operation. Do not press a door covering during adjustment.

1) weaken bolts (shooters)
2) close a door
3) slightly press on the bearing element in the direction opposite to a roof and a rack; apply slightly more than forces, than it is necessary; rubber laying will return the bearing element to proper position
4) at this time the second expert (from within the car) tightens at first the top, and then lower bolts

The bearing element of a back door, removal / installation



1) remove the decorative panel of a door
2) disconnect a rope of the internal uncoupling door mechanism
3) disconnect and remove a rope from the bearing door element
4) remove a fixing pin 1, having pressed forward on a door lock covering
5) unscrew bolts with a six-sided head 2, 3


Carry out installation upside-down, in view of the following:

tighten bolts with a six-sided head with m 20 N.' moment.

A-and – a cross-section

In = a zone between a roof and a back rack of a body

1 – adjustable limiter of the regulator of a window

adjust the top limiter of the regulator of a window so that the upper edge of a window 3 adjoined to the condensing flange 2 in a transitional zone B

and = 0 + 0.5 mm