12:33. Hatch


1. Hatch cover
2. The condensing laying of a cover of the hatch
3. Hatch cover bolt
4. Bolt of adjustment of height, forward
5. Screw of adjustment of height, back
6. Hatch cover loop
7. A screw with a flat head
8. Fairing
9. Sound-absorbing laying
10. Side guide of a rail
11. Restrictive arm

12. The screw with a spherical head
13. A screw with a flat head
14. Rain deflector
15. A back guide (with a rope)
16. Inclined arm
17. Elevator / holder of the hatch
18. Forward support of the hatch
19. Hatch cover covering
20. Lock clip of a covering of a cover of the hatch

Hatch cover, the making elements

1. Sealing laying of a cover of the hatch
2. Finishing detail
3. Rastyadzheniye spring
4. Hatch cover loop
5. Rubber elastic laying

6. Lamellar spring
7. Protective felt laying
8. Protective felt laying
9. Rubber limiter
10. A tape (holds a spring on the place)

The making hatch elements (Coupet's model)

1. Connecting draft
2. Ram (2x)
3. Back trench of a drainage system
before removal of a trench of a drainage system remove a guide with the lifting channel
4. Rope
5. A back guide with a rope
6. A guide with the lifting channel
7. Side cover
for removal weaken lock bolts
and with a force shift a side cover
opposite to the condensing laying
hatch covers, and then tighten bolts
8. Hollow rivet

9. The directing trench
it is recorded by means of rivets
for removal to a simimta a framework also drill rivets
10. Secret screws (7x)
11. Guide cover
12. Reflector
disconnect the lifting lever before removal
13. Secret screw
14. Hollow rivet
15. Hollow rivet
16. Nut
17 The directing rope tubes
for removal you yvsverlit rivets
18. A bolt with a washer (3x)