12:40. Rear bumper (Coupet's model)

Rear bumper, assembly (Coupet's model)

1. M 5 N.' bolt / washer.
to remove a spoiler, pull out the central bolts and weaken bolts at edges
2. Back spoiler
sort just before removal of a bumper
pull out bolts / washer And yes In
unscrew bolts on laying of a niche of a wheel
remove a spoiler
3. The extending clamp
4. The self-cutting bolt with
ploskokonichesky head
5. Intermediate detail
6. Blow absorber
removal is possible only after removal
casing of a bumper and weakening of bolts of fastening of a bumper

7. M 5 N.' bolt / washer.
8. Bumper
remove a decorative covering of the luggage compartment, left, right and lower
unscrew six-sided nuts from within the car
pull out a bumper directly back
9. Washer
10. The self-cutting bolt with a ploskokonichesky head, 23 N. of m.
remove a bumper casing
remove a blow absorber
11. Bumper casing
it is possible to disconnect and remove only after the bumper is sorted
12. Decorative strip

Rear bumper, removal

1 – six-sided nuts

2 – washer

3 – intermediate detail

4 – blow absorber

unscrew six-sided nuts

Rear bumper, installation

Carry out installation upside-down.