12:41. Window regulators

Window regulator, forward door
1. Working switch
for the window regulator
2. Trailer clip
for the window switch
3. Plait of wires
4. Block to turnip
with the boss of the fuse
5. Grounding clip
on a forward rack of a body, in the car
6. Trailer connecting details
under the dashboard
left side
7. Nut
8. Trailer clip
left predny window
it is not connected directly with the working switch
9. Window regulator
10. Fasteners of door glass
11. Door contact switch
the left forward
12. The bearing element of components of a door
13. Door glass
the left forward
14. Fixing bolt
15. Working switches of the regulator of a window
16. Protective switch
17. Control panel
with switches
remove from above
18. The thermofuse – 20 A
on the left side of a relay payment
19. Door contact switch
the right forward
20. Control unit
for the window regulator
21. An auxiliary relay payment the adapter is installed sideways
22. Holder
remove from above

Window regulator, back door
1. Trailer connecting details
working switch, back right
2. Internal mechanism of opening of a door
3. Fixing nut
4. Washer
5. Plait of wires
6. Console
for adjusting details of a door
7. Electric motor
for the door regulator, back left

8. Fasteners
for door glass
9. Door glass
back left
10. Trailer clip
working switch, back left
11. Working switch
for the regulator of a back window