2.2.5. Vacuum amplifier

Basic elements of system cruise control

1. Main control unit
2. Grounding socket
under an instrument guard
3. Control socket
it is used only by production
4. Connection socket
with 3 plugs, blue color
5. Connecting draft of the vacuum amplifier
6. Vacuum amplifier
7. Vacuum hose
8. Engine of control of level of depression
9. Rubber laying
10. The vacuum final valve on a coupling pedal
11. The vacuum final valve on a pedal of a toromoz
12. Stoplight switch
13. The switch on a steering column
14. Instrument guard
I will corrode connections of the sensor of speed

1) remove a glove compartment
2) behind an instrument guard unscrew the screw with a head under the crosswise screw-driver
3) remove the control unit and disconnect the electronic socket of connection

Connecting draft of the vacuum amplifier, adjustment

1) check that the butterfly valve was closed
2) turn an adjusting nut (1) so that between the plug and a contact plate (2) there was a gap of 0.1-0.3 mm

Vacuum amplifier, removal

1) disconnect clips or turn off screws of fastening of connecting draft
2) remove a vacuum hose
3) remove the vacuum amplifier from an arm (it is specified by an arrow)
4) the nut inhaling moment – 25 N. of m.