1.5.5. Replacement of bulbs

Before replacement of a bulb, open its chain.

Do not touch glass of a new bulb by fingers as the fat remaining on a bulb after a touch evaporates when the bulb heats up, steam accumulates on a reflector and darkens it.

Always establish a bulb of the same type. Designations are put on a bulb socle.

It is always recommended to have a set of spare bulbs in the car.

A set of spare bulbs has to include, at least, bulbs of the following types necessary for safe driving:

12 V/70/50W – for headlights of forward light

12 V/21/5W – for forward indexes of turns and forward marker lights

12 V/21W – for back indexes of turns

12 V/3W – for back marker lights

12 V/21/5W – a stoplight and headlights of tail light

12 V/4W – bulbs of illumination of registration plate.