a43d3481 Forward indexes of turns and marker lights

Open a cowl and prop up it.

Remove casings from headlights.

To replace a bulb, get headlights of the index of turns and a marker light. For removal of headlights press on both clips in the direction of arrows, and at the same time push out headlights forward.

Remove headlights.

Turn a cartridge with a bulb counterclockwise and pull out it.

Press an old bulb into a cartridge, turn it counterclockwise, get and establish a new bulb.

Insert a cartridge with a bulb into the case of a headlight and turn clockwise so that it densely became into place.

Establish into place a headlight of the index of turns and a marker light, having inserted clips into the corresponding openings and having implanted both plastic uvulas on the headlight case into their openings. Insert a headlight as it is possible further.