1.5.7. Raising of the car

Never it is impossible to lift or poddomkrachivat the car, having established a jack under an oil case of the engine, the transmission, a forward axis or the back bridge. It can lead to serious damage of the car.

Jack, also as well as the elevator, it is necessary to establish under special points of rise. Not to damage the body bottom, it is necessary to put rubber laying between a jack and points of rise.

Raising of the car by means of the hydraulic elevator and a jack.

Check that levers of the elevator were lowered rather low before coming around on the elevator, especially, if on the car the low forward spoiler is established.

The car needs to be lifted, having installed elevator levers only in the points of rise shown on illustrations.


At removal of such units of the car as the engine, the transmission, the fuel tank, wheels, a forward axis or the back bridge, fix the car on levers of the elevator or add additional weight to keep balance. Otherwise the car can bend and slide off elevator levers that will lead to serious damages or injuries.

To reduce risk of getting injured and damage of the car, lift the car only by means of branded stationary elevators and install elevator levers in special points of rise. If you install elevator levers in other points, it can lead to the fact that the car to bend and will slide off the elevator at removal of heavy units, such as, for example, the engine or the transmission as at their removal balance of the car is broken.

 If you lifted the car by means of a jack and you need to work under the car bottom, reliably prop up the car by means of the racks which are specially made for this purpose.

Rise points

Forward points of rise

Forward points of rise are located on the body bottom near a cross beam of strengthening of a body slightly below than a romboobrazny mark.


Back points of rise are located on a vertical rack under a romboobrazny mark.

Try not to damage the car elements located near rise points. Especially it concerns the fuel pump.