1.4.7. Engine oil

By production in the engine high-quality all-weather engine oil is filled in. If you need to add oil between oil changes, use any high-quality mineral or synthetic oil of the required type.

The following designations have to stand on a canister with oil one or near other designations: "API Service SF/SG".

Engine oils are subdivided according to their viscosity. The required level of viscosity of oil is defined according to climatic and seasonal conditions.

At the choice of engine oil pay attention to a temperature scale. As temperature borders of various types of oil are imposed at each other, small differences in temperature of air are not of great importance. If you need to add oil, it is allowed to mix oils of various viscosity.

When using the W or SAE SAE 10 5 W-20 or SAE 5 W-30 engine oil, do not use the car for trips on long distances at a high speed if temperature of air exceeds the specified limit.