a43d3481 Identification of engine oil

Choose engine oil which conforms to standards. The designations given below are applied on containers with oil for simplification of the choice of the correct oil.

1. The top part designates the quality of oil expressed by the designations accepted by API.

2. Designation of viscosity of oil is given in the center.

3. The lower part shows that this engine oil promotes fuel economy.


Mechanical transmission

Synthetic gearbox oil G 50, SAE 75/W90 (Mil-L-2105 or API/GL 4)

Differential on the back bridge

Oil with the gipoidny additives SAE 90 (Mil-L-2105B or API/GL 5)

Automatic transmission

Liquid of the automatic Dextron transmission (for the hydrotransformer and SAE 90 (Mil-L-2105B or API/GL 5) for the main transfer.

System of the hydraulic booster of steering and brakes

Hydraulic liquid of Audi detail G 002 000 or similar to it.

Additives to oils

Audi does not recommend to use additives to oils.