1.4.15. Cooling system

The cooling system is tight and does not require great attention.

It is necessary to use only qualitative antifreeze which is containing ethylene glycol and not containing phosphatic connections.


Antifreeze – is poisonous! Always you store antifreeze only in a company container and out of reach of children.

Audi models (1986-1989)

By production in the cooling system the all-weather antifreeze intended for operation at a temperature up to -25 °C is filled in.

As it has anticorrosive properties, antifreeze should not be merged from the cooling system for the summer period.

Audi models (1990-1992)

By production in the cooling system all-weather cooling liquid which does not demand replacement is filled in. Cooling liquid represents mix of water and additive to cooling liquid a detail G 11 – antifreeze on an etilenglikolevy basis with anticorrosive additives (which content makes 40%–60%. This mix guarantees protection against freezing and protects all cooling system against emergence of corrosion and a scum, and also raises a boiling point of cooling liquid.

Do not lower concentration of cooling liquid adding simple water to the summer period. Content of antifreeze has to be not less than 40% and no more than 60%, for preservation of protection against freezing and efficiency of cooling.

The cooling liquid which is filled in in the cooling system by production is intended for all-weather use at a temperature up to -25 °C or to -40 °C.