a43d3481 Check of level of oil in the engine

Audi-80/Audi-80 Quattro, Audi-90/Audi-90 Quattro

Audi-90 Quattro 20V, Audi of Coupet Quattro

It is the best of all to check the oil level when the engine is heated-up.

Kill the engine.

For receiving exact measurements the car has to stand on a plain surface. After a stop of the engine wait several minutes that oil gathered in the oil pallet.

Pull out the probe for measurement of level of oil and wipe it dry by means of a rag.

Insert the probe: insert it up to the end that measurement was exact.

Again pull out the probe. Level of oil is normal if it is between the marks "Max" and "Min" in the probe.

If the level of oil is lower than the mark "Min" or is not designated absolutely, immediately add oils.

After determination of level of oil insert the probe up to the end into an opening.