a43d3481 Replacement of engine oil

Regularly replace engine oil, at least twice a year.

It is very important as lubricant properties of oil gradually decrease at operation of the car.

If you go by the car generally on small distances or on dusty roads, or in city conditions when frequent braking and dispersal is necessary, or in cold season when temperature keeps below zero during the long period of time, engine oil should be replaced more often.

As to contain in oil the washing additives, new oil will become more dark after small operating time of the engine. It is normal, and there is no need to replace oil more often than it is recommended the producer.


Merge oil in the capacity which is specially intended for this purpose, at the same time it has to be rather big to contain all oil.

Not to get burn from hot engine oil, let's the engine cool down so that it was possible to touch it.

When untwisting a cap of an oil-filling mouth, you hold fingers so that not to concern oil. You hold your hand so that the forearm was parallel to the earth. It is necessary not to get burn from the hot oil flowing down your hand.

Engine oil is poisonous. You hold it out of reach of children. The long contact with the used engine oil is harmful to skin. Always after work with oil wash hands with water with soap.

For receiving access to a cap of a masloslivny opening or to an oil filter, it is necessary to remove the panel located from below a motive compartment.

For its removal, turn off plastic nuts and screws with heads under the crosswise screw-driver (A) in niches of both wheels and screws with six-sided heads (V) behind the panel.

The panel needs to be installed into place after oil change.

Kill the engine.

Remove the panel.

Remove a cap of a masloslivny opening (it is specified by an arrow) when the engine still warm and merge oil.

Always use new laying at installation of a cap into place. Do not draw a cap.

Fill in oil in the engine. Do not fill in more oil, than it is necessary. Always check the level of engine oil by means of the probe for check of level of oil.