8.5.5. Check of the moments of gear shifting

1) check the gear shifting moments if transfers switch too early or too late
2) do a bit of traveling on the car on all transfers under all road conditions. You do not carry out an inspection in road conditions in the presence of obvious mechanical damages

When checking the moments of gear shifting, do not forget that indications of a speedometer can vary in view of tolerances by production.

3) define at what speed there is a switching of transfer and compare the received values to data in the table
4) transfers have to switch easily and quickly, without loss of power of the drive
5) listen whether operation of the engine at gear shifting accelerates. If it occurs, it demonstrates to what brake tapes and couplings slip
6) after check in road conditions, check the transmission for tightness

If the moments of gear shifting are not right or lower transfers do not join, check adjustment of a rope of management of a butterfly valve and an accelerator pedal rope.

Moments of gear shifting (km/h)

Transfer Completely open butterfly valve The pedal is squeezed out up to the end
 1 – 2  34 – 51  75 – 83
 2 – 3  86 – 107  131 – 141
 3 – 2  61 – 84  124 – 136
 2 – 1  21 – 28  60 – 68