8.5.4. Removal and installation of the transmission


1) disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator
2) remove the top bolts of fastening of the engine and transmission
3) disconnect a wire of grounding of the transmission
4) disconnect the socket of connection of a speedometer and the sensor of oxygen
5) establish a support under the engine
6) press cooling hoses between the engine and the transmission
7) lift the car
8) remove a protective plate of the engine and fastening
9) remove bolts of forward fastening of the engine
10) remove a forward exhaust pipe
11) remove a starter
12) remove 3 bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer (4 bolts on cars with a turbo-supercharging)
13) remove the hydrotransformer filter

14) remove clips from hoses of a radiator of cooling liquid of the automatic transmission

15) remove a hose of cooling liquid from a tube
16) remove the filter of fastening of the transmission and the driveshaft
17) disconnect half shafts from the main transfer and tie up to the body bottom
18) remove an arm of a rope of gear shifting and disconnect a rope from the transmission
19) on cars with system of a tension of seat belts, remove a rope guide
20) disconnect draft of an accelerator
21) disconnect a rope of an accelerator and remove it from fastening of the transmission
22) remove both fastenings of the transmission from a car body
23) disconnect an accelerator rope from the lever of switching of the transmission
24) lift the transmission by means of the elevator and remove the right and left fastenings of the transmission
25) lower the elevator and lift the engine, having lifted an engine support (the transmission at the same time slightly to bend for removal simplification)
26) remove the remaining bolts of fastening of the transmission and engine
27) weaken fastening of a jellied tube of liquid of cooling of the automatic transmission
28) disconnect the transmission from the engine
29) move the right half shaft forward
30) accurately lower the engine, at the same time support the hydrotransformer that it did not fall


Installation is carried out upside-down removals, at the same time pay attention to the following:

1) install the hydrotransformer before installation of the transmission
2) accurately install the hydrotransformer on fastening of the unilateral coupling
3) do not incline the hydrotransformer and you watch the accuracy of its installation
4) at installation of the hydrotransformer, turn it back and forth to establish shlitsevy a pump shaft
5) install the transmission
6) check adjustment of a rope of an accelerator
7) check adjustment of a rope of the lever of gear shifting

Inhaling moment

Fastening of a half shaft to a drive flange 45 N of m.
Bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer 30 N of m.
Bolts of fastening of the transmission to the engine 35 N of m.