8.5.1. Technical characteristics

Code designation RBP
Automatic transmission 087
Code designation Q
Block of valves
Code designation FNB
Coupling of the forward course
Quantity of shlitsevy rings internal – 5 external – 4
Coupling of switching forward / backing
Quantity of springs 24
Quantity of shlitsevy rings internal – 4
external – 4
Coupling of the 1st transfer / transfer of a backing
Quantity of shlitsevy rings internal – 4
external – 4
Tape of a brake of the 2nd transfer
In the beginning tighten, then weaken 2–1/2 turns
Engine Of 2.0 liters
Transfer number of the main transfer 37:12 = 3.08
Transfer number
1st transfer 2.71
2nd transfer 1.50
3rd transfer 1.00
Transfer of a backing 2.43

Radiator of cooling of liquid of the automatic transmission

5-row line

Amount of lubricant

Quantity Transmission Automatic transmission
Full volume 6 liters 087
Replenishment about 3 liters  
Lubricant ATF-Dextron  
Main transfer
Quantity Main transfer Automatic transmission
Full volume 1 liter 087
Lubricant Synthetic SAE 75W/90 gearbox oil G 052 145 A2


For lubricant of the main AUDI broadcast use only synthetic oil of the brand given above.

If the main transfer contained usual oil, merge it and fill in synthetic oil.

Do not mix synthetic oil with usual gearbox oil.