8.8.2. Lever and rope of the lever of gear shifting

Perklyucheniye lever gear shifting transfers / Rope

1. Cover
2. Program switch (E122)
3. Gear shifting lever casing
to usanavlivayta designation of parking
transfers forward
establish after adjustment
electromagnetic switch
4. Gear shifting lever handle
5. 9 N. of m.
6. Washer
7. Gear shifting lock solenoid
(No. 110)
8. 10 N. of m.
9. The torsion spring
10. Gear shifting lever
with a fork for short circuit of the lever in situation P and N
11. Plug of the torsion spring
12. The directing pin
establish after installation of a compression spring
13. Compression spring
install on the gear shifting lever
before installation of the directing pin
14. Lock ring
15. Washer
16. Basis
put a layer of AKD 512 001 05 sealant between the basis and a body
establish bolts and washers of fastening (the moment
m 10 N.' inhalings)
17. Plug
18. Washer
19. The switching lever
20. Coupling
21. Nut
moment of an inhaling of 20 N. of m.
22. Washer
23. Plug
24. Coupling
25. Washer
26. Boss
27. Cover
replace if it is necessary
check the installation accuracy that moisture not
got on a gear shifting lever rope
28. 23 N. of m.
29. Clip

30. Fastening of the transmission
with fastening of a rope of gear shifting
31. 40 N. of m.
32. Gear shifting rope
with the directing plug
grease the ends of a rope before installation
do not bend and do not overwind a rope
for adjustment:
you preklyuchit the gear shifting lever in situation P
weaken a nut on a rope clip
move up the lever on the transmission in situation P (against the stop back)
after that, when the rope is in a loose state, tighten a nut (21) to 20 N. of m.
after adjustment of a rope check operation of the switch of the lever of an adventure of transfers and adjust it if it is necessary
33. Gear shifting lever rope arm
34. Clip screw
35. Clip
36. 5 N. of m.
37. Gear shifting lever switch
the engine has to be started only when the lever of gear shifting is in the provision of P or N
headlights of a backing have to join at inclusion of transfer of a backing
if is not present, turn the switch in a nest and again a provverta its work
38. Plug

Installation of an arm of the lever of gear shifting in relation to the gear shifting lever

1) transfer the gear shifting lever to situation R

And – the probe for measurement of gaps 1.0 mm thick
2) install the probe between the lever of gear shifting and the electromagnetic switch
3) press the electromagnetic switch to the probe and tighten a fastening nut
4) establish the lower opening of a fork of the lever of gear shifting on the center and give tension on the switch
5) the pin of the solenoid will close a fork
6) establish a gear shifting lever casing so that the lever of gear shifting was opposite to a mark N in a casing
7) the lever of gear shifting has to pass identical distance between provisions N and D and provisions N and R
8) install the lever A by means of a pin or a drill

In (diameter of 4.0 mm), inserted into a casing opening

Gear shifting lever switch, installation

1) switch the gear shifting lever to situation in situation N
2) install the switch so that fastening (it is specified by an arrow) was fixed on the gear shifting lever
3) tighten fastening bolts to 5 N. of m.
4) remove a pin or a drill

After installation of the switch, check its work.