11.8.5. Pump of the hydraulic booster of steering (Vickers)

Pump of the hydraulic booster of steering (Vickers)

1. 45 N. of m.
2. Sealing ring
always replace
3. Tube of high pressure
fastening inhaling moment: 45 N. of m.
4. Sealing ring
always replace
5. 20 N. of m.
6. Arm
7. 20 N. of m.
8. 50 N. of m.
9. Sealing ring
always replace
10. The soaking-up hose
11. Sealing ring

12. Bladed pump
there are bladed pumps of ralichny types
before installation, fill the soaking-up part with hydraulic liquid and rotate the pump that liquid began to come out the output channel
13. Tension device
14. Bolt / nut of the tension device
15. 20 N. of m.
16. Pulley of a maple belt
you establish by the mark "4Z" forward
17. 25 N. of m.
18. Maple belt, 12.5x992 mm


The system of hydrostrengthening is filled with hydraulic liquid, a detail G 002 000.

Tension of a maple belt

1) weaken a nut 1
2) weaken a bolt 2
3) turn a nut 3 on the tension device for a belt tension
4) the belt is tense correctly if it caves in under pressure of a finger approximately on 10 mm in the middle between two pulleys
5) tighten a bolt 2
6) tighten a nut 1