11.8.4. Steering transfer

Steering transfer with the hydraulic booster, models since 8A MA 054 850 (The sedan with the 5-tsillindrovy engine) – 8A MA 002 645 (an all-wheel drive Compartment)

1. Lath case
2. Lath epiploon *
3. Lock ring
it is possible to remove / establish only after removal of a lath
4. Fixing ring
put on a steering lath against the stop 
establish a cover on the flute passing on a ring circle
5. Cover
it is possible to replace, without removing the rack steering mechanism
6. Collar
use the collar which is pulled together by means of the screw, the screw has to be turned to a body
7. A sealing ring, always replace
8. Adjusting screw
9. 20 N. of m.
10. Cover
11. Sealing ring
always replace
is established in a flute on the case
12. Sealing ring
27x2.5 mm
always replace
is established in a plug flute
13. Plug
14. Compression spring
 is established in the slider
15. Toddler
16. Washer

17. 20 N. of m.
18. Casing of the leading gear wheel
19. Epiploon
 always replace
20. Washer
21. Pin *
2.5x6 mm
always replace
pull out a pin by means of flat-nose pliers before removal of a casing of the leading gear wheel
22. Leading gear wheel / ring valve
23. Sealing ring
9x2 mm
24. Sealing ring
25. Cover
inhaling moment: 50 N. of m.
tighten by means of two center punches established at an angle in 180 ° to each other
26. Fixing ring
always replace
27. Sealing ring
44x2.5 mm
always replace
28. Steering lath
for removal: turn off a cover and pull out a lath on the left side of the case
check a lath for existence of scratches around an epiploon installation site

All elements marked with an asterisk are included in a repair kit and have to be replaced during repair.


The system of hydrostrengthening of steering is filled with hydraulic liquid, a detail G 002 000.

Works with the drive of steering have to be carried out on the pure place and all elements have to contain in absolute purity.

Steering transfer for Coupet's model

1. Washer
2. 35 N. of m.
3. 45 N. of m, always replace
4. 45 N. of m, always replace
5. Adjusting screw
6. 40 N. of m, at removal, hold a head of the damping plug by means of a wrench
7. Arm
8. The plug with a carving, is a part of the damping mechanism of steering
9. The damping plug, remove before removal of a lath and arm