a43d3481 Check of level of liquid

The mouth of filling of liquid for the automatic transmission is in a motive compartment on the left side of the engine if to look in the direction of the movement. The probe of check of level of liquid is installed in a cap. Pull out the probe and wipe dry. Insert the probe up to the end into an opening for check of level of liquid.

Level of liquid it is necessary to check rather often, for example, every time when checking level of engine oil or at least through the periods defined in "The guide to service of the car".

The correct level of liquid is very important for operation of the automatic transmission.

For exact measurement of level of liquid, the car has to stand on a plain surface, and the transmission is heated-up up to the normal working temperature. In normal conditions, after cold start, the transmission will get warm up to the working temperature after the car passed about 10 km. If the transmission too cold or hot, measurements of level of liquid are inexact.


Before check of level of liquid, the lever of gear shifting has to be transferred to a provision of parking transfer and the car has to be put on the parking brake.

Check of level of liquid is potentially dangerous as at the same time the hot engine has to work.

The automatic transmission can be damaged if a small amount of dirt gets to it even. For rubbing of the probe use only the fabric which is not leaving fibers.

For exact measurement of level of liquid, the transmission has to be heated-up up to the working temperature.

Level of liquid is normal if it is between marks in the probe. It should not be higher or lower than these marks. If liquid level too high or low, not just merge or add liquid, address on service station for definition and elimination of a source of malfunction as soon as possible.