a43d3481 Check of level of brake fluid

The correct level of brake fluid is important for operation of the brake system. Level of brake fluid in a tank always has to be between the marks MOVE and MIN. At lowering of the level of brake fluid the alarm bulb of the brake system automatically joins.

Level of brake fluid can go down a little eventually in view of automatic adjustment of brake shoes. It should not be the reason for concern.

If the level of brake fluid falls much below than the mark "MIN", then the alarm bulb of the brake system will light up. In this case, all brake system the cause of lowering of the level of brake fluid has to be carefully checked and removed.


Brake fluid is poisonous. Brake fluid also negatively influences painting of the car.

Do not use brake fluid which absorbed moisture from air or the polluted brake fluid. It can result in premature wear of the brake system or unreliable work of brakes.

Do not add and do not mix the silicone DOT 5 brake fluid with brake fluid in your car as it can lead to serious corrosion of elements of the brake system. Such corrosion can lead to an exit of the brake system out of operation.