9.1.7. CV JOINTS (all-wheel drive models)


Half shaft lubricant on cars with the four-wheel drive (Quattro): grease the internal and external CV JOINT with 90 grams of G6 lubricant everyone.

Half shaft – for all-wheel drive models

1. A convex washer – 2 types:
1. with internal vents
2. with external vents

when replacing establish a washer of the same type
2. Lock ring
establish in a ring flute on a half shaft (it is not visible at the installed hinge)
3. External CV JOINT
remove only entirely
installation: install the hinge on a half shaft by means of a kiyanka so that it was possible to establish a lock ring
4. Persistent washer
5. Convex washer
6. Hose clip
7. Cover
check for existence of cracks and wear tracks
8. Clip
9. Half shaft
various length on the left and right side
10. A cover with a cover
11. Internal CV JOINT
external diameter for model
Quattro: 100 mm
12. Epiploon
replacement: remove a protective film and paste on the hinge
13. Lock ring

Convex and persistent washers, provision of installation
1. Lock ring

2. Persistent washer

3. Convex washer

Removal and CV JOINT installation

1) tighten a clip
2) at installation the cover can be pressed that at operation of the car can lead further to emergence of folds;
after installation for a second slightly open the end of a cover with a smaller diameter to level pressure inside and outside, such ventilation of a cover will prevent emergence of folds

3) clamp a half shaft in a vice

4) remove a cover
5) twist the special tool until the CV JOINT is removed from a half shaft
6) remove a lock ring internal the CV JOINT
7) remove the internal CV JOINT
8) install the hinge against the stop
9) establish a lock ring
10) establish a convex washer
11) note situation