9.2. Back suspension bracket


Do not try to straighten the back bridge or to carry out repair welding work on the back bridge.

Suspension bracket and back bridge

1. Rope of a parking brake
2. Самоконтрящаяся nut, 80 N. of m.
tighten when the car costs on the earth
3. Rubber plug
4. Самоконтрящаяся a nut, m tighten 100 N. when the car costs on the earth
5. Cross jet bar
tighten fastening bolts when the car costs on the earth
6. Rubber plug
7. Самоконтрящаяся nut, 90 N. of m.
8. Самоконтрящаяся nut, 90 N. of m.
9. Suspension bracket rack
10. Zadny Bridge
11. 20 N. of m.
12 Spring of the regulator of pressure of brakes

Wheel nave / back bridge
1. Wheel nave pin
not to prepare
2. Epiploon
fill space between the pressurizing edges multi-purpose grease
establish inside against the stop by means of a kiyanka
3. Internal wheel bearing
4. External wheel bearing
5. Six-sided nut
6. Oil cap
7. Forelock
always replace
8. Wheel nave
fill with multi-purpose grease before installation
9. Rotor
is established only on cars with ABS
remove by means of the drift inserted into wheel nave openings
10. 30 N. of m.
11. Washer
12. Antisplash guard