13.8. Conditioner compressor coupling

Conditioner compressor coupling

1. Spline
2. Lock ring
3. Coupling pulley
4. Adjusting laying
act and established for adjustment of a gap
between a pulley of the coupling and the coupling of the compressor
the size of a gap has to be in limits
 0,6 1,0 mm
5. Spring washer
6. M 20 N.' nut.
7. Compressor coupling
8. Lock ring
9. Magnetic coil
10. Conditioner compressor

1) block the compressor coupling the special tool, and then weaken and twist a nut; inhaling moment: 20 N. of m.
2) remove the compressor coupling
3) install the magnetic coil only with the safety diode (it is specified by an arrow)


Repairs of all specified details can be made, without lowering the conditioner cooling system.