10.1.6. General adjustment of back brakes (Girling) (all-wheel drive models)


The rope of a parking brake should not be tense when checking adjustment of back brakes.

1) by means of the screw-driver take away the support lever against the stop and on both back wheels
2) the rope of a parking brake is tense too strongly if the lever of one of supports departs from an emphasis

3) weaken an adjusting nut of a rope of a parking brake (it is specified by an arrow) so that both levers fell by an emphasis
4) models with a diameter of pistons of supports of 36 mm: press a pedal of a brake about 40 times (the engine is killed);
models with a diameter of pistons of supports of 38 mm: press a brake pedal once
5) check that both wheels rotated freely
6) the type of a support is defined by means of convex figures on its surface (are specified by an arrow), which designate diameter of the piston (in the drawing – 38 mm)


Always use new самоконтрящиеся nuts and lock rings

Do not put additional rugs on a floor of salon as they can prevent the course of pedals.

Grease all pins with white lubricant, a detail of AOS 126 000 05, before installation.