a43d3481 Rope of management of a butterfly valve

Rope of management throttle zaslonoky, arrangement of components (4-and 5-cylinder models
1. Throttle case
2. Basic arm
3. Rotary plug
for removal of the lever of a pedal break off fixing ledges (do not reuse the damaged rotary plugs)
4. Pedal lever
acts only together with rotary plugs
5. Accelerator pedal
6. Rotary plug
7. Rope of management of a butterfly valve
8. Clamp


1) at completely squeezed out accelerator pedal the lever of the throttle valve has to reach only just the provision of completely open butterfly valve (a free wheeling on the throttle lever – at most 1 mm)
2) if it not so
adjust a rope, inserting a clamp (it is specified by an arrow) at a basic arm


1) disconnect a rope from a basic arm of a pedal and the lever of the throttle valve
2) break off fixing ledges from within salon (do not reuse the damaged ropes) and extend a rope through an engine compartment
3) replace laying and ring consolidations
4) record connections of hoses screw or spring clips
5) the correct work of components of electric system requires voltage at least 11.5 volts


Flammablly! You do not smoke and do not bring to the field of repair anything from what can ignite fuel.