a43d3481 Forward headlights

Components of forward headlights

1. The screw from sheet iron
2. Washer
3. Basic frame
4. Right fixing arm
5. Washer
6. The screw from sheet iron
7. The screw from sheet iron
8. Clip
9. Forward headlight assembled
10. Lens of a lamp of a signal of turn
11. Turn signal lamp
12. Boss of a galogenovy lamp
13. Galogenovy lamp of-12 V 70 / 90 W
14. The locking ring of a galogenovy lamp
15. Case of a contact connector
16. Laying
17. Left fixing arm


1) remove facing
2) disconnect wires
3) unscrew screws (are specified by shooters)
4) remove a forward headlight together with a turn signal lamp


adjustment of headlights is carried out by means of adjusting screws A and B. The crosswise screw-driver or a face wrench is for this purpose used


Vising of headlights needs to be carried out, using the optical equipment which is specially intended for this purpose.